This is an introductory course to probability theory and its applications. Some of the topics that will be covered include: combinatorial analysis, axioms of probability and independence, conditional probability, Bayes' theorem, random variables (discrete and continuous), joint probability distributions, properties of expectation, the central limit theorem, the law of large numbers, and Markov chains.

Instructor and Assistants

Raquel Prado BE-365C 

Cheng-Han Yu 

General Information

  • Syllabus and Class Information
  • Time and location: Tu-Th 2-3:45pm BE-156 
  • Instructor Office Hours: M 3pm-4pm and W 9:30-10:30am 
  • TA Office Hours: Th 1-2pm and Fri 2:30-3:30pm in BE 312 C/D